Digital Photo Colorimeters (LT 12)

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Digital Photo Colorimeters offered is designed to deliver stable, direct readout of absorbance. Available in compact & easy to operate finish, these systems are capable for analyzing any level of concentration of solution and come extensively tested on defined industry parameters by team of experts so as to provide for accurate measurements.


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Accuracy 0.5% FSI
Std. Glass Filter 8
Resolution OD : 0.01
Range 400-700 nm
Power 230v + 10%
Output OD (0 to 1.99)
Model LT12 Digital Model
Mini Volume 1 ml.
Light Source 6.8v, 300mA
Display 2 1/2 Digit LED
Detector Selenium Photocell
Brand Labtronics


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