School Laboratory Furniture

      Gravity Lab: Along with quality Manufacturing of Laboratory Equipments, We are also manufacturing modular, or fixed laboratory furniture we are making furniture in wood, M.S. and S.S. Stainless steel Furniture with different types of Tops granite, stainless steel and fire proof laminated tops provision of gas pipe lines, gas burner along with inlet and outlet for water supply.

       Best of material is used to manufacturing the laboratory range of furniture. We have our own factory set up at Mumbai central. Safety fume hood system is also provided planning and designing laboratories for School College and various industries. We have a team of expert architects and designers with experience of 25 years.

     Every lab required for proper ventilation for safe work environment. Our team of architects also helps you to set up proper ventilation and eco friendly lab. We also undertake electrical work for labs and providing chemical resistant joint less foaming for the lab.

    In all we take entire turn key projects from planning to designing and execution of the entire work.

    Since we are manufacturing the furniture in our factory we are set up a lab in 2 days onsite work  thus saving the hardship and execution of work out your site.

We have made labs on big names such as Anchor, Panasonic, cipla pharmaceuticals, orchid international school, poddar international school and many more.



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