Water Still


       Our water still is made heavy gauge S.S. body our special design of the water still does not let any additional water inter the condenser tube. Best quality immersion heater are provide quick heating and provide distilled water in minues. Our heaters are easily detachable  incase they burn and can be changed by the client.

    Gravity lab is a manufacturer of water still for laboratory in Mumbai.

      Our water still dealers are located throughout Maharashtra and india to provide timely service and provide spare parts in case of any problems.

   Gravity lab also sells water still online and ships directly to client location.

       We manufacturer standard sizes of water stills of 2c, 42,62,82,102,202,and we have the capability of making any size as per clients requirements.

       Special mechanism is used to avoid overflow of water into the condenser and also an upon clients request sensors can be fitted for low level water cutoff to protect burnout of the heater.

All machines are provided with wall mounts and high quality cards and plugs.

Some of the features are:

  • High gauge 304 Q stainless steel
  • High purity of distilled water
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Low level water cutoff available
  • Tight fitting top lid to avoid loss of steam
  • Service and spare parts available
  • ISO certified product

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