Trinocular Microscope

Magnification: 25 X to 1500 X

Body: Light Weight, latest design with improved system for strain free working.

Eyepiece Tube: Inclined at 30 degrees.

Observation Head: Rota table through 360 degrees. All prisms and optical surfaces are with antireflection coating. Inter pupillary adjustment provided.

Condenser: Sub stage bright field condenser having numerical aperture N.A.1.25, moveable on rack and pinion with filter holder and iris diaphragm.

Beam splitter: Provided to view on binocular or monocular.

Coarse Focusing: 25 mm / Rotation range. Fine Focusing: 2 mm / Rotation range.

Nosepiece: Quadruple. Illumination Lamp: Halogen bulb 6 Volts / 20 Watt. Illumination Control: Step down transformer with regulator for variation of illumination built in the microscope. Filters: Blue.

Eye Piece: Hugenian 5X, Wide Field 10X, Hugenian 15X.

Objectives: Achromats 5X, 10X, 45X spring loaded, 100 X Oil immersion spring

Mechanical Stage: Stage has fine graduated scales with vernier engraved.

Free Spare Accessory: Halogen Bulb, Dust /Microscope Cover.

Storage /Packing: Thermocole Box. Guarantee: One Year.

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