Stereo Zoom Microscope

Zoom Ratio: 5: 1.

Magnification: 10X to 50X (With 10X Eyepiece & 1 X Objective)

Total Magnification: 10X to 50X.

Objectives: Built in 1X & 5X.

Eyepiece: Pair Stereo Extra Wide Field: 10X.

Resolution: 3.3 Microns (300 L P MM).

Working Distance: 88m.m. without 0.5X & 2X Objectives.

Viewing Angle: Trinocular Tube Provided for Microphotography System Binocular Head 45 Degrees off Vertical. Viewing Angle Right Image Path Adjustable 100? Photo or Visable Left Fixed 100?

Binocular Head Rotation: 360 degrees.

Illumination Lamp Provided: Halogen Light: 6Volts /20Watts.

Glass Surface Plate: Dia 96mm: Plain Grounded & Frosted.

Clips Pair: Provided to Hold Jobs /Slides. Eye guard Pair: Provided.

Modes Of Operation: Transmition & Reflection.

Free Spare Accessory: Halogen Bulb, Dust /Microscope Cover.

Storage: Thermocole Box. Guarantee: One Year.

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