Stability Chamber

        Gravity lab stability chamber are designed as per international guidelines for gaining highest accuracy of temperature, humidity condition. Our stability chamber can maintain these conditions for long period of time accurately for accelerated studies of our clients  products.

Gravity lab is among the leading supplier of stability chamber in MumbaiOur machines are already being used at pharmaceutical industries, agro processing units as well as in chemical industries.

        We manufacture machines as our customers requirements, our machines also comply with GMP standard where they are required.

       Due to our manufacturing machines in Mumbai we can provide our clients with excellent quality and low cost stability chambers. Our stability chamber dealers are situated all over india with all technical knowledge so they can provide swift and timely service to our clients.

Some of the highlighting features:

  • Complying to international and GMP standard. All our products are ISO compliant CE certified
  • High quality controllers for prices maintainence of temperature and humidity
  • Good quality heating elements and compressor.
  • Maintaining all conditions of 25c-60% Rh, 40c-75%  Rh, 25c-40% Rh.
  • Microprosessor controller with LED display along with safety controller
  • Low water level buzzer and cutoff.
  • PUF insulation to avoid change of temperature and humidity
  • Internal SS trays along with led internal illumination
  • Computer connectivity for recording of the result
  • Printer interface
  • Electrical circuit beaker
  • Overload cut off relay for compressor
  • Heavy guage steel construction

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