School Laboratory Equipments

Gravity lab is one of the largest School laboratory equipment material suppliers .We cater to school laboratories equipments in Mumbai we are involved in the supplying of science lab equipments for school : us deal in equipments for physics, chemistry, biology, and math’s lab for  school. We supply physics apparatus chemistry glassware and chemicals and biology specimens and models as per ESC, CBSE, ICSE, IGCS and IB board. We also undertake school laboratory equipment online through email and directly delivery at the school and request for quotations by emailing their inquiry on we supply to school in Mumbai, Maharashtra and all over India.

* Some of the school materials we supply are as follows:-

* Scientific and medical instruments

* Physics lab equipment

* Microscopes

* Glassware

* Plastic ware

* Rubber ware

* Chemicals

* Rocks mineral & ores

* Testing & filter paper

* Specimen’s charts & models

* Laboratory mated equipments

* Testing meters

* Hardware equipments

* Laboratory interior Design & civil works

Review For School Laboratory Equipments

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