About Gravity Lab

Since its establishment Gravity Lab is in the Business of Manufacturing and supplying lab equipments, Chemicals and Glassware’s to Material testing labs, food testing labs, pathology labs, Microbiology Labs, School and college Labs and so on.

We are committed of timely delivery and only the best quality material. We also provide customized solutions tailoring the solutions as per the customer needs.

We are backed by a state-of-the-art development unit, which is well facilitated and equipped with all the latest tools, technology and machines that enables us to provide only quality-approved array of products to our customers. Provided by us in a variety of specifications, our products are checked on numerous factors and their 100% accuracy, perfect dimensions and flawlessness makes these highly accredited amongst our customers. Not only in the national market, but their superior quality and efficiency has helped us in attaining a huge customer support across the international market as well. Enormously used a demanded in the global market, these products are used in homes, schools and science laboratories for numerous experimental applications.

The reputation and glory that we have earned over the years is a result of the steady efforts of our prestigious mentor Mr. Rajesh Lamge. His strong technical knowledge and proficiency in this field has helped us in solving most of our queries during the fabrication of these instruments. Moreover, his client friendly business operations have assisted us in meeting with the changing market requirements in a satisfactory manner.

We introduce ourselves as leading Manufacturers of GRAVITY LAB Range of Products as mentioned below:

1. Laboratory Equipments: Hot Air Oven, Stability Chambers, Water baths, Water Still, Hot Plate, Heating Mantle,

    Muffle Furnace, Magnetic Stirrer, Centrifuge Stirrer, BOD incubator, Bacteriological Incubator, COD Digestion Units, Oil

     Baths, Shaking incubator, Circulating Water bath etc.

2.  Analytical Balances: Precision Balances, High Accuracy Balances, Micro Balance, Digital Balance, Weighing Balance,

     Pan Balance, etc.

3.  Microscopes: Biological, Metallurgical, Inverted Tissue Culture, Stereo Zoom, Computer Connectivity, Image Analysis

     Software, Phase Contrast Equipment.

4. Lab Interior Solutions and Designing: Complete Lab solutions including lab tables, flooring, painting,

    plastering, electrical, furniture, etc.

5.  School Lab Equipment: Complete lab equipments for Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Math’s & Language laboratories.

6.  Analytical Instruments: Ph Meter, Conductivity Meter, Sound level Meter, Lux Meter, etc.

7.  Anatomy Models: Human Skeletons, Joints Models, Bone Set, etc.

8.  Physics Lab Equipments: Spring Balances, Resistance Box, Screw Gauge (Micrometer), Vernier Calliper, Physical

     Balance, Digital Balance, Tuning Fork, Slotted Weights, etc.

9.  Magnets and Compasses: Bar magnets, Horse shoe Magnets, Disc Magnets, Magnetic needle, Compass, etc.

10. Lenses: Hand Magnifies, Concave and Convex Lenses, Glass Prisms and Slabs, etc.

11. Chemicals: All types of Salts, Solutions, Reagents and Acids, etc.

12. Rocks, Minerals and Ores: Available in loose and showcase versions.

13. Specimens, Charts & Models: Science charts for all grades, Engineering Charts, Human skeleton, Disarticulated

      skeleton, Portraits, Geographical Models, etc.

14. Electrical Equipment: Potentiometer, Meter Bridge, Plug Keys, Rheostat, Power Supply, Ammeter, Voltmeter, 

      Galvanometer, etc.

15. Glassware: Beakers, Volumetric flasks, Round bottom flasks, Funnels, Dropping bottles, Conical Flasks, Test tubes,

      etc. (All items available in Borosilicate, Borosil and Hard Glass)

16. Rubber ware: Rubber Corks, Rubber Tubing, Silicon Tubing, Rubber Hammers, etc.

17. Plastic ware: Beakers, Wash Bottles, Funnel Holder, Funnel Stand, Petri dish, Test tube Baskets, Pipette Stand, Lab

      Trays, etc.

18. Laboratory Metal Equipments: Retort Stand, Burette Stand, Test tube Stand, Tongs, Tripod Stands, Bunsen 

      Burners, etc.

19. Ready Apparatus: Optical Bench, Reflection of Sound, Resonance Apparatus, Potentiometer, Hook’s Law, etc.

20. Testing Meters: Hydrometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer (Max Min) (Mercury and Alcohol), Barometer, Lactometer

21. Telescopes: Astronomical and Reading Telescopes.

22. Testing and Filter Papers: Normal and What man Filter Papers, Red and Blue litmus papers, Lead acetate paper,

      pH paper, Chromatography papers, Starch paper, etc.

23. Hardware Equipments: Dust masks, Hand Gloves, Gum Boots, Safety Jackets, First Aid Boxes, Hardware tools 

      and Equipments, etc.


   We also deal in Servicing and Repairing Microscopes, Lab Equipments and Glassware.  

       We deal in Bulk Chemical Orders.  We are supplying these Instruments to Medical Colleges, Science Colleges, Engineering Colleges, BARC, Defense Lab, and Research Laboratories in India since 1960.

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