Microscope Camera 1080B

VGI 2000 interface microscope camera is a new generation of microscope camera which directly use VGA interface to transfer the image data. Compare with the old generation Video output microscope camera, this product is more smaller in out shape, can get more clearer and bigger picture in the display. Furthermore, it is more simpler in operation, what you need do is connect display’s VGA interface with camera, then you will get the clear picture in display. It can help you get rid of computer and easily equip in production line in mass of.
This product get more quicker frame rate as 35ftp/sec, the faster frame rate allow you to check the moving object or operating under the microscope. It is enlarge the application scale of the product. 
It has more useful functions, like SAC (Same Screen Available Sample Compare). This function can divide the screen with two part, the right part will freeze a standard sample’s image and the left part can use to observe the object and compare with the standard sample’s image. It is one of the best functions for IQC checking.


Optical lens interface C or CS
Image sensor size ? inch CMOS
TV Line 1600 ? 1200
Power Supply DC (5V)
Appearance Tetrahedron
Volume 95*65*45 (mm)
Net weight 160g
Computer System Required One Driver
White Balance Manual adjustment through
Data Output VGA

Brightness Digital Manu, Manual Adjustment
Contrast Digital Manu, Manual Adjustment
Colour Saturation Digital Manu, Manual Adjustment
Build-in Reticle One group, On and Off can change 7 group colour
Frame Rate 35fps/sec in VGA Mode, 10-35fps/sec in USBMode
Special Funcation Funhcation SAC (Some Screen Available Sample Compare)
Display Request Must support 1024*768 or 1280*1024
Include Software Win XP or Vista, 512 memory,2.0 Megapixels
Pixel VGA Mode 2.0 MP

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