Gravity Lab is the leading Manufacturer of Microscopes in Mumbai Since 1960. We produce a large range of Microscopes used in Pharmaceutical Industries, Quality Control Lab, Material Testing Laboratories, Pathology Labs, Food Testing Labs, Microbiology, Schools, Colleges and Hospitals.

       As our Microscopes are manufactured in our own premises, utmost care is taken to provide our customer with only the best quality at competitive prices.

     Our microscope dealer network is located throughout India so our customers do not face any technical difficulties.

All our products are ISO Certified to ensure that our products match the international Standards. Our wide microscope dealer network helps us to provide a swift and timely delivery of our products throughout India.

We assure giving our customers with very high quality microscopes with low prices and timely delivery and service. We have made good relationships with our clients nationally as well as internationally and we hope of increasing our relations with many more.


Some notable features of our microscopes are:

  • Rigid and stable Structure
  •  High Quality Optics
  •  Halogen Lamp
  • Coarse and fine focusing for crystal clear image
  • Fully Mechanical stage for x-y axis movement.
  • 360c Rotatable head
  • Light Intensity control
  • Computer connectivity with image capture and analysis
  • ISO and CE Certified Products
  • Heavy quality metal construction



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