Medical Microscope

Magnification: 100X – 1500X.

Stand: Inclinable through 90. Mechanical tube length 160mm.

Focusing: Separate knobs for coarse & fine motion.

Coarse Focusing Range: 25 mm / Rotation.

Fine Focusing Range: 2 mm / Rotation.

Stage: Mechanical stage with X & Y Movements.

Illumination: Plano-concave mirror.

Condensor: Moveable Bright field 1.2 N.A. Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm, filter holder.

Nose Piece: Triple revolving nose piece.

Eyepieces: 10X (Hugenian), 15X (Hugenian).

Objectives: Achromatic 10X, 45X spring loaded, 100X (oil) spring loaded.

Special Features: Paracentricity & Parafocality.

Free Accessory: Dust Cover & Microscope Cover.

Packed: Styrofoam/Thermocole Box.

Guarantee: One Year.

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