Laminar Air Flow

       We are manufacturers of Laminar Air flow Flows system in Mumbai Used for all types of Microbiology and research application by laboratories our laminar Air flow designed keeping international quality standards in mind. Our Laminar Air flow dealer network is throughout Maharashtra and INDIA to give and prompt service to all our clients. Due to our manufacturing facility in Mumbai we are able to provide high quality, low cost Laminar Air flow to our client along with customizations as per every clients needs.

Technical Specification:


Governing Standards: ISO 14644 (1996), ISO 14698

Air Velocity: 90 fpm (0.45mps) + 20%

Cleanliness Level: Fewer than 100 particles of size 0.5μ or larger per cu.ft or air sampled (or <3,520/cuM)

Noise Level : <65dB (A scale)

Vibration level : < 2.5μ (0.0001”)

Illumination level: 800 lumens/m2 (75ft=candles) at work surface

Electrical: 230V AC, 1ô, 50Hz




Prefilter: Washable, reusable fire retardant depth filter specially treated to inhibit micro floral growth.


HEPA filter: Microfibreglass media. Efficiency > 99.97% down to 0.3μ at both 100% & 20% of rated airflow


Impellers: Statically and dynamically balanced for high performance, low noise and vibration


Blower-Motor: Direct-driven dual outlet design with special sealed bearings and unique suspension.



Clean Air Work Stations or Cabinets are offered as a space and expenses saving alternative to clean-Rooms, where Laminar Air Flow is required to combat particular biological contamination to make it aseptic. A constant unidirectional (Laminar Air Flow either Horizontal or Vertically is delivered on the work surface. ADITI Laminar Air Flow both State of Art Technology to meet high tech requirement of air filtration and are of useful application in Pharmaceutical, Food processing and other such Industries, Sterility testing, Tissue Culture and various other processes in Research Laboratories. Laminar Flow principle involves double filtration of air, Atmospheric air is drown through pre-filters and is made to pass through the work table at the desired velocity of 1000 cfm + 20%.



The cabinets are fabricated out of thick Mild Steel. Interior surface and outer surface are powder coated for its longer life. The work table top is made of thick Stainless Steel with mirror finish clean washable/chemical resistive/corrosive free. A side panel for worktable is made out of 6mm thick transparent Acrylic materials duly framed. Environmental air is drawn by a balanced double impeller blower through pre-filter retaining more than 75% of particles larger than 5 microns and is thrown to work chamber high efficiency HEPA Filter retaining Particulate and Biological contaminants larger than 0.2 -0.3 microns. Using a dynamic machine, the blower and motor assembly is statically and dynamically balanced ISI MARKED Motor of 1/5 H.P. capacity operates with minimum noise level. The working area is illuminated by fluorescent lighting fitted to the unit. Height of the working table provides comfortable “SIT DOWN” working position for the operator.


Standard sizes used are fabricated out of washable synthetic non-woven media. The material is moisture-fungus-bacteria and frost resistant and mounted frame. The filters are DOP tested as per Standard BS: 2831 and are 90% efficient down to 5 microns with IPD 5mm WG at rated flow up to 1000 cfm +20%. The filters are protected by expended metal mesh or equivalent.



Standard sizes used are made out of micro glass fiber with corrugated aluminum foil separators and mounted in anodized aluminum frame sealed with epoxy sealant and is provided with rubber gaskets. HEPA filters 99.97% efficient down to 0.2-0.3 microns are tested by expanded metal sheet mesh or suitably equivalent material. Filters are DOP tested with IPD less than 18mm WG and FPD Less than 40mm WG are at rated flow up to 1000 cfm + 20% and also tested as per standard US Fed. 209B.



Suitable fluorescent tube sets 20 or 40 watts



Germicidal Ultra Violet (UV) tube (1ft. or 3 ft. length)



Accurately calibrated to assess Static pressure in Hepa Chamber, made of plexi glass block.



Made of brass duly Chrome plated.



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