Human Skeleton

      We are the leading supplier of human skeleton and bone set in Mumbai. With an intense range of products on offer. For Medical students, doctors, school students and so on.

Human Skeleton/Bone set will be life size/5 feet long and is suitable for the users to study human bones from every aspect. Human skeleton is also used to train nurses, medical students and school students.

       Human skeleton/Bone set is available for sale in Mumbai and can also be shipped across throughout India.


Human Skeleton available as follows:

1) Articulated Human Skeleton

2) Articulated Child Skeleton

3) Articulated Human Skeleton with muscles printed on

4) Disarticulated Human Bone set (with more than 200bones)

5) Disarticulated Human Bone set (Basic) (40-50 Bones)

6) Disarticulated Human Bone set with muscles printed on.



1) Shoulder Joints

2) Life-size Hand Joint

3) Hip Joint

4) Vertebral with Pelvis & Femur Heads

5) Knee Joint

6) Elbow Joint

7) Foot Joint

8) Hand Joint

9) Human Skull

        We only assure our customers the finest quality products with low prices and timely delivery. All products sold are ISO certified.



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