Digital PH Meter

Gravity Lab is the leading digital pH Meter manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai we offer digital pH Meter at the best price and best quality to our customers.

We use only the most well known suppliers in the market to manufacture pH meter in Mumbai. It is used to determine the pH Value of any solutions and uses a digital display to show the result both automatic and manual versions of pH meters are available. All our pH Meters have metal body outside and come with accessories such as electrode, Buffer tablets, Standard dust cover. All our pH Meters are extremely stable during functioning and have a longer life. Our ph Meter can be used for water testing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, Sugar, food, waste treatment and other places where pH Level needs to be checked.

Gravity Lab can also customize pH meters are designed by engineers who have years of experience and hence prove to be durable and accurate even in high load conditions.

Gravity Lab also offers a wide range of pH meters, conductivity meters, Solidity Meters, TDS Meters and so on. We also have pH meters dealers in Mumbai and pH meters dealers in Maharashtra to ensure timely delivery and service to our clients. We provide the best pH meter price and long lasting quality to our clients. All our pH meters are sold only after they have been approved by our testing teams and have passed all the tests. We also offer microprocessor/online pH Meters for our high end users suitable for plants and pharma laboratories. All our electrodes are completely waterproof and function for years before they have to be replaced. 



Display : 16 x 2 alpha numeric, LCD display,

Range: 0 to 14pH, 0 to + 1999.9 mV, Temp. 0 to 100°C

Resolution: 01 pH 0.1 mV Temp. 0.1 °C

Accuracy: + 0.01 pH + 1 digit mV, Temp + 0.10

Calibration : Auto/ Manual

Storage: 230V + 50Hz

Power: Up to 100 samples

Accessories: pH Electrode, Electrode Stand, Dust cover, Manual.

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