Conductivity Meter

Gravity Lab is the leading digital conductivity meter supplier in Mumbai we are digital conductivity meter manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra we provide the best quality digital conductivity meter at best price in India. We procure all our raw materials from the best known vendors in Mumbai, hence ensuring best quality. All conductivity meters can be customized as per customer requirements. We offer table top conductivity meters and also with microprocessor control for our higher end customers. We also offer imported handheld conductivity meters for customers wanting outdoor usage. All our conductivity meters come with metal body, electrode and electrode stand.

It is best used in finding the conductivity of water, solutions, chemicals, etc. all our machines provide an accurate reading which are stable even under heavy usage. Gravity Lab has digital conductivity meter dealers in Mumbai and Maharashtra for swift and timely service and delivery to our clients. All products manufactured are ISO and CE compliant to maintain utmost quality. There are several team members who check the quality of the products and those products are only sold if they pass all the tests.

Digital Conductivity Meter is built for efficiency, longer life, best quality and lower cost. We offer the best conductivity meter available in the market, with customized solutions at the best price for our customers. Digital conductivity meters built by Gravity Lab are built using only the best quality raw materials and by engineers having years of experience. 

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