BOD Incubator

         Gravity lab Manufacture BOD Incubators Since 1960 in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Our BOD Incubators are used in Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Microbiology Labs, and Water Testing Laboratories and in various testing labs where low temperature incubation is required.

     BOD Incubators are also called as low temperature incubators and Gravity lab manufacturers Incubators from as small as 45 liters to 2000 liters.

    Our BOD Incubator Dealer Network is spread throughout India to give our clients prompt service which they require Our BOD Incubators are available in two Models Outer MS and Inner SS or Fully SS as per the client requirements. All our BOD Incubators have even air circulation best quality digital controllers, safety controller and inner illumination. Our high quality air compressor provides quick and efficient cooling providing very high temperature accuracy.


Some of the features and Sizes are as follows:

Double walled construction inner chamber made of Stainless Steel 304Q & exterior made of G.I. sheets powder coated. The gap between the two walls filled with glass wool insulation. Cooling is by hermetically sealed compressors with CFC free refrigerant. Temperature Controlled by Microprocessor based Auto tune PID digital temperature controller with PT 100 as sensor. Temperature Range: 5°C to 60°C accuracy +/- 0.5°C Supplied with S.S. Rod shelves.



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